How to love effectively when feeling disconnected

by Matt Sutera Staying virtually connected is easier than ever in our modern world. However, virtual connection seems to come at the cost of truly connecting to our partners and does not account for the emotional and physical needs in our relationships. We seem to forget how to love and be loved by our partners…. Read »

Getting Older: 5 ways to improve with age

Getting Older and better By Sandra Van Campen “In our culture, everything happens at the speed of youth. Whether it’s cell phones, computers, songs, movies, books or opinions, it seems that only the newest models and latest releases matter.  That might be inevitable when it comes to the latest Smartphone, but it makes no sense… Read »

Be yourself – What is the hold up?

When your relationship status with yourself is “complicated” I have hosted my Confident Women workshop at least 12-15 times and there seems to be a pattern where the women get hung up when pursuing confidence. Their primary obstacle to moving toward confidence and authenticity is the fear of how they will be perceived. For example, they may… Read »

10 Strategies for Letting Go

By Matt Sutera June can be a wonderful month. The days are long, summer is in full swing and sweaters are traded for swimsuits. It is also a time where we celebrate Father’s Day, this year on June 19, by spending quality time with them, cherishing memories and buying them another tie for their growing… Read »

The challenge of authenticity

Authenticity is a beautiful word for a tough subject. The word is defined as being genuine and real, which sounds lovely on paper. However, being genuine and real in person may look a little less lovely in real life, because authenticity comes with an underbelly. I’ve been listening to a lot of business podcasts lately and… Read »

How and when to discuss sex with your partner

On Abraham Maslow’s (1943) hierarchy of needs model, sex is grouped with air, food, water, clothing, and shelter as a fundamental human need for survival. Despite sex being a critical component of human behavior, it is often one of the most unapproachable, uncomfortable, taboo, and anxiety-inducing topics we encounter. In even the most stable, loving… Read »

Matt Sutera joins Thrive Therapy

Please join us in welcoming Matt Sutera, MHP to Thrive Therapy. We are so excited to have him join our team and are fortunate to have his resources included here. In order to get to know Matt and his approach better we asked him a few questions: Tell us a little about your background: I… Read »

New therapist arrives at Thrive

Meet Sandra Van Campen, LPCC, LADC We are excited to welcome our newest therapist, Sandra Van Campen, to Thrive Therapy! Sandra’s experience in the field of addiction and trauma alongside her compassionate and inclusive approach, makes her an asset to the growing practice. We asked Sandra a few questions in hopes that you might get to… Read »

I want to lose weight …after I eat this pint of ice cream

This blog was written as a contribution for Primal Athlete Why is it so difficult to kick old habits? Thrive Therapy just wrapped up the third session of their 12-week Weight Loss Group Therapy program. In this group setting, each woman has expressed the desire to lose weight and feel more comfortable in her own… Read »

The Main Course: You vs. Food

Guest Contribution By Reid Peterson, Primal Athlete Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the main course: good vs. evil, underdog vs. hero, David vs. Goliath. You vs. Food Has food beaten you down for months, years, or decades? Has it become your biggest enemy? Have you become immune to the effects it has on your body that… Read »