What to Expect in Therapy

Although each counseling experience is unique, there are similarities in the counseling process. Your sessions will most likely include, but are not limited to:

There is something liberating about having a safe place to say anything that comes to mind and knowing it will not be judged or shared with anyone else. When discussing issues, topics, memories, or patterns it is possible that strong feelings may arise as a result. Therapy creates a safe place to express thoughts and feelings without judgment.

Counseling is an unobtrusive way of looking at your current situation and taking steps to shift your perspective so that you are able to attain the goals you determined.

Goal Setting
You and your therapist will work together and establish what brings you to therapy at this time and what it would look like for you to no longer require our services.

Depending on your schedule, sessions will typically be 50 minutes out of your week. In order to get the most out of your sessions, you may be invited  to complete simple tasks on your own such as reading a chapter of a book, a journaling assignment, or practicing a new behavior that relates directly to your goals.