CRISIS INTERVENTION: What to do when someone mentions suicide

We each know someone who struggles with depression or mental illness. We want to help but don’t always know how, especially if they mention thoughts of suicide or self-harm. Knowing what to do can be nerve-racking for family, teachers, and friends. Is hospitalization our only option? Whether you have faced this trial in the past or fear that you will in the future, join Matisha Williams, LAMFT, in her Crisis Intervention class to prepare your response to crisis and support those closest to you.


  • Definition of a mental health crisis
  • How to respond to crisis
  • Hospitalization process (voluntary and involuntary)
  • What to do after hospitalization
  • Resources and materials on how to respond in a crisis

Who is this class for?  Family, Friends, Teachers, Care Providers

COST: $25 + tax


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Matisha Williams, LAMFT, brings a decade of experience of working with individuals and families in crisis. She has worked with the severely mentally ill and their families, including those with the diagnoses of schizophrenia, bipolar and personality disorders. Matisha has spent several years working with at-risk youth and adults in the corrections setting and in the community. This includes individuals with mental illness who have committed violent crimes and sexual offenses. She is passionate about working with individuals (children and adults) with significant trauma history.