Confident Women by Ashlee Secord

Ashlee SecordDo you know a single woman that doesn’t want to be confident? I don’t know a single one. This one word encompasses nearly all the desires of a woman’s heart. To be comfortable in her own skin. To be satisfied with her decisions, comfortable with her feelings and compassionate of her thoughts. Confidence stops us from striving and allows us to be who we are each day, beautiful in any circumstance, feminine in our struggles. Ultimately, each woman longs to be at peace with who she is. When peace arrives so does the calm confidence.

No matter where you may find yourself in your journey today this ebook is intended to help you have a better understanding of who you are and begin enjoying who that person is. This ebook, along with the workshop, is intended to bring relief to women. To spread the word that we don’t have to keep pounding the pavement, be productive, control or ridicule the very skin we live in to have the life we desire. As you progress through the book I encourage you to complete the exercises before continuing onto the next section as the chapters and concepts therein build upon each other. Each chapter is followed by a worksheet that coincides with the exercises mentioned in that chapter. My intention, my goal, for each reader is to show how confidence, your personal freedom, is within reach. It is within you.

An excerpt from Confident Women,

“Why? Why do we come down so hard on ourselves? The answer is that deep down we think that we are imperfect, flawed and damaged. And if we weren’t these things then we could be happy, successful or loved. So we do everything we possibly can to ensure that no one discovers or confirms this message. Essentially our actions become a song and dance that is performed for others to ensure they do not discover our flaws or imperfections. It is our attempt to control how others think and feel about us. Mostly, we want them to like us and possibly love us. Because if they can like and love us that is sufficient evidence that we’re likable. Lovable. But if they knew the truth about us we fear that it might be impossible. Allow me to provide an example to tie this all together…”

Feedback from the readers,

“The biggest takeaway I had from the book was being able to accept the spectrum of my personality. Sometimes I am really silly and sometimes I am waaaaaay to serious, for example. I’ve found that I’ve been able to just laugh at myself more and accept that I am not perfect, and that its ok.”

“I love the part about talking about the past. I have many great memories growing up, but there is also a lot of brokenness. I pushed all of the darkness to the back of my mind instead of dealing with it. I realize now that its part of my story and makes me who I am.”

“Each exercise helped me to admit things I probably wouldn’t have admitted without specific prompts.”

“The section on communication was most memorable.  The  example about what he thinks with just a glance felt like it applied directly to me…”